Vols fans are unhappy with the new Nike shoe which is the “bad orange UT”


Tennessee fans are finally crazy about something other than the football team’s season. This time, the orange color causes an upheaval.

Nike and Tennessee Athletics recently unveiled their new shoe collaboration, but something was wrong – Vols fans were quick to point out that Nike got the wrong orange on their Tennessee Nike React Element 55 shoe.

Fans said the color was too close to University of Texas Orange, which is a burnt, almost rusty orange, instead of using Pantone 151 Tennessee Orange.

According to UT brand guidelines, orange is the most important color in the university’s palette, and “it’s critical that we get it right.”

Vols fans seem to feel the same way and were quick to comment on the first Facebook post. From disgusted reaction gifs to puking emojis, it’s obvious fans had their opinion.

A lot of people like Mike Biddle think shoes are downright ugly. Biddle even said the product was “One of the worst shoes yet! Huge failure.” To add insult to injury, Biddle added: “It will be Gabes unmarked next summer.”

Some users took to the comments section to voice their disapproval of Nike’s past political statements and said they would not purchase the shoe due to Nike’s involvement.

Either way, Alan Pendergrass pointed out that at least Halloween is coming, so wearers won’t have to worry about the “right” orange!


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