The Nike LeBron 20 Continues LeBron James’ Sneaker Dynasty


The first of his name.

Lord of the skies.

Endowed with a divine vision, a supernatural memory.

Physically incomparable.

Mentally unprecedented.

The lion’s pride, with equal strength bark and bite.

The doubted, the hated.

But ultimately respected him.

He made his lineage into royalty. We have witnessed it.

The Conqueror.


Two decades.

He was the raw Chosen One.

Then he became the Chosen One.

King James.

LeBron’s basketball conquests touched every part of the map in those years, where scribes like this recorded his wins and losses in stark detail.

Triumphs and failures are key in tales of the king whose reign began when he was just a boy. However, they don’t share everything that happened to him, nor the necessary chronicle of how the boy became the man.

Not just a man, man. Perhaps the best of all time.

The steps he took in the air solidified him as the rightful chosen one in this dance of jumps and passes, steals and blocks, dunks and lay-ups.

The legend of King James can be summed up in one word: evolution.

It did not remain stagnant. Once only able to climb ladders, he can now lace up from a distance. The position was alien to him. It is now his home. Left Finishes, Right Finishes, Hooks, Fades, Up and Down; all easy for him. Defensively, we’ve seen him guard every type of player, individually closing the strong iron gates to his realm when the opposing attack was most pressing. Above all, his mind has sharpened. He found a stronghold, a forge where the weaponsmiths were strongest. He seems to have poured their knowledge into himself, giving the fires a place to reside in his intellect.

His royal shoes have evolved alongside his skills. Nineteen different iterations, varying in size, weight, fundamental support, hardware, and theory joined him along the road to his seat atop the throne.

The 20th version is the physical manifestation of all his learnings from the past. Low, light, somehow proportionately new yet familiar, it may be recorded by those same scribes as his greatest sneaker.

Its infrastructure begins with Air Zoom built for nobility. The Zoom forefoot is top-loaded, while the 13-millimeter Zoom bag in the heel is supported all the way through. There is Cushlon in the midsole, as well as a carbon fiber shank in the midfoot. Its woven upper and double elongated Swooshes will allow anyone in the King’s Court to create extra regal editions throughout the coming year. There was room left on the 20 for even more sharing of the legend. Left and right sneakers vary on the 20 with a visual narration of LeBron’s journey right up there on the forefoot where the treads are firmly grounded in history.

More importantly, the House James sigil returns to the 20s. Right below that massive heel Zoom bag, the Dunkman is finally back.

The reign of James is meant to be dynastic. If the promise of the two princes is true, these scribes will not be finished writing for decades.

The first of the name will not be the last.

To celebrate LeBron’s nearly 20 years of dominance, here’s a collection of exclusive Bron 20 movie photos.


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