The Innovator: video profile of Nike shoe designer Mike Friton


Tristan Stoch of Cineeastas, a video production company based in Portland, Oregon, recently sent us his latest work, a profile of shoe design veteran Mike Friton. A former track and field athlete with more than 30 years of work at Nike to his name, Friton made his mark with some of the first performance shoes to come from the Beaverton brand, and he continues to innovate as an independent, acclaimed designer. for its ultraminimal stroke. shoe designs. (His design ethos is echoed in his web presence: he doesn’t have a portfolio to speak of, though a quick search turned up a 2011 review of a Friton shoe designed for Soft Star, noting that he was also the mastermind behind the original Nike Free. )

Besides designing and making shoes – Friton is “responsible for many elements of the sports shoes that people wear today” – he also learned weaving and paper carving in his effort to “explore the limits of his domain”. Check it out:

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