Paul George comments on Zion Williamson’s Nike sneaker explosion


The fallout from Zion Williamson’s sneaker eruption continues, with the signature athlete behind the model he wore during the incident being the last to give his opinion.

Paul George spoke to the media in Oklahoma City earlier today, answering questions about Williamson’s fall, in which the freshman wore George’s Nike PG 2.5 sneakers.

“I don’t necessarily know what happened, how it happened. I spoke with Nike to see what was wrong, what happened with the shoe,” said George. “I’m proud of it. My shoe has been a hit shoe, not only in college, but in the NBA. A lot of people wear them, a lot of people wear them. So, I don’t necessarily know. , it never happened, it’s difficult.

After the announcement that Williamson would not be returning to last night’s game, mentions of George on social media were inundated with comments blaming him for the incident. However, as George stated, the affordable PG series is one of the most popular ranges at the college and pro levels, and it seems like an isolated incident. Nike design veteran Tiffany Beers echoed that sentiment, telling Complex Sneakers: “I would say it’s a little more of a freak accident than an inherent problem with the shoe. If it was an inherent problem. , you probably wouldn’t see it on him. You would probably already see it happening in other areas. This is a very rare incident. “

George himself, who is in the middle of an MVP-caliber season, wears his latest signature model, the Nike PG3. Since the incident last night, Williamson has been diagnosed with a mild sprained knee and Nike has released a statement saying she is “working to identify the problem.”


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