Nike sneaker decision outrages Ducey, not housed like animals


Gov. Doug Ducey is all angry and falsely upset that Nike doesn’t make a shoe with the Betsy Ross flag on the back.

Ducey is all fake verklempt because society, in Ducey’s words, “has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism.”

Ducey, on the other hand, bows only to Donald Trump and Fox News.

Otherwise, why would he have gone pretending to peel off on… sneakers?

The governor said he was withdrawing all financial incentives from the company in exchange for opening a manufacturing plant in Goodyear, which would have provided 500 full-time jobs.

Sneakers, jobs or children?

However, Ducey didn’t say exactly how much money we’re talking about. And if that’s enough to break the deal.

It was later reported by Brahim Resnik of 12News at $1 million. Money that a monster company like Nike doesn’t really need. Nor does Nike need to bother with a posturing governor who is more interested in promoting his political future than doing what is best for the state.

And what matters more to Ducey, sneakers or jobs?

Or his personal ambition?

The New Mexico governor seems to believe it’s the jobs, tweeting:

And an even better question for Ducey might be: what’s more important, that all the fakers are appalled by sneakers or that the government treats migrant children (as well as adults) worse than animals in the firm after their pick-up at the border?

We are, after all, a border state.

ROBERTS:Nike, you red, white and you blew it on Betsy Ross

Or, for that matter, I haven’t heard anything from Ducey about a Facebook group of current and former Border Patrol agents — with 9,500 members — posting racist and sexist comments and nasty memes about migrants. and members of Congress.

Doesn’t that bother him?

But sneakers…

Things Ducey DIDN’T rant about

How come none of these things made Governor Ducey go on a Twitter rant like he did on July 2 when he was all dramatic and fake distressed about sneakers with a little flag on the back, something that would have gone completely unnoticed if President Trump and Fox News and sheep like Ducey didn’t want to take the national conversation away from innocent people who are suffering.

Representative Greg Stanton, who was part of a delegation to visit a detention center, tweeted afterwards:

Did you get that?

Conditions “unacceptable for anyone to endure for long periods of time, especially children”.

Yeah, well, fuck those kids. And the Betsy Ross sneakers?

Good governor?

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