Nike PJ Tucker Shoe Contract


The preeminent NBA sneakerhead won the rarest pickup of all: the Nike shoe deal. PJ Tucker officially announced on Uninterrupted’s Instagram account that he has signed a multi-year support agreement with Nike, securing a heck of a bag for a player who, with all due respect, has no pedigree. typical of a Nike athlete. PJ’s relevance depends solely on his sneaker selections as he has worn eye-catching shoes on the court since his early years in the NBA, and since that time he has been in the limelight of being the poster child of ” what’s hot ‘in the shoe world. Aside from debuting with shoes like the Air Fear Of God 1 and wearing some of the rarest and most expensive sneakers on the market, he also showed an affinity with the fashion world and in a way became a regular in track shoes – if his schedule permit.

Our take is that while we are absolutely proud and delighted that PJ is securing a Swoosh size bag, we ask ourselves: will PJ lose what made him relevant in the first place? Nike Basketball is cutting the check because they need help selling basketball shoes, not the hype products you usually find on their feet during tunnel walks. And once he stops wearing Off-Whites on the court and Chanel x Pharrells on that little trot from the bus to the locker room, people won’t worry about plugging in. With Nike now dictating what he wears, that means less rare EPs and more Alphadunks and Zoom Lives – performance products of little relevance to the fashion / pop culture world. On another side. if the plan was to let PJ go wild and let him keep doing his thing (without wearing competing brands) then what was the point of paying the guy, since most of what he wore was Nike / Jordan anyway. ? We’re interested to see how it goes, but if we’re Nike, we’re throwing our money at Luca.


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