New limited-edition Detroit-inspired Nike shoe is also giving Flint some love


Nike collaborations are nothing new for fans of the famous brand. From Kobe Bryant to the mega hit stranger things, at the latest Jacquemus, Nike partnerships tell stories and sell shoes. Now, a unique Detroit-themed pair is set to go on sale this week.

Nike Air Jordan’s latest that’s all about the “D” is set to release worldwide this Friday, October 21st. Last week, fans got a sneak peek at the new shoe when two local Detroit retailers, Two 18 in the East Market and sister store Burn Rubber in Royal Oak held an early launch event. Shoppers lined up for hours to get their hands on the hottest upcoming shoe in town.

The collaboration incorporated designs for the shoe of both retail store owner Roland ‘Ro Spit’ Coit. Coit and Burn Rubber Director Jay John, Two18 Director Alex Collins and Two18 Brand Director Mario Butterfield worked as a team to design the shoe that would tell Detroit’s story.

“Just a piece of Detroit, our history, that we matter, we’re here, we’ve always been here,” Coit told Click on Detroit.

The Detroit story begins with the box. The shoebox itself is branded with a Detroit postcard, and the tissue paper that wraps the sneakers features a Detroit map, as does the insole. Although Detroit is the main focus, there is a nod on the map to other local towns such as Oak Park, Royal Oak, and Pontiac.

Coti and his team also made sure to give Flint some love. There’s a heart around Flint on the card, but it’s the sole of the shoe that tells Flint’s story. The bottom of the shoe features colors changing from brown to light to represent Flint’s water crisis.

“I wanted to show that it’s the color of contaminated water and as we move forward, we want it to go back to clear, clean water,” Coit told Click on Detroit.

As for the shoe itself, the color is described as a brown “Rockport Boot” with red and blue stitching. The shoes also come with three pairs of shoe laces in brown, cream and black.

How Much Will Detroit Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Cost You? Around $200, and we’re sure they’ll sell out fast.

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