NBA Fans Roast Kyrie Irving’s Hideous New Nike Shoe: “These Are Nothing But My Grandpa’s Sneakers…”


On Thursday, Kyrie Irving gave fans a sneak peek at the latest installment in his Nike shoe series. In what could be his last tick mark logo project, fans were expecting something big – especially considering all the dope designs all of his previous kicks had.

But when he released the first look at the Kyrie 9s, people were disappointed, to say the least.

Not his best work, that’s for sure. It looks more like a running shoe than a basketball shoe, and it lacks the hint of personality that has made all other Kyries so unique and appealing.

In the comments, fans made sure to air their feelings on the uncensored sneakers.

As you can see, these kicks are unlikely to be a bestseller. Whether it’s the colors or the overall design itself, they’re sending out some serious dad vibes and that’s just not the audience Nike should be aiming for with the Kyries.

As far as the future of the Irving and Nike partnership goes, this could be the end of it. After so much turmoil and controversy, Kyrie is a risky guy to work with at the moment and Nike have been described as “unlikely” to extend Uncle Drew’s contract.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has long owned one of Nike’s most popular and profitable basketball shoes, but uncertainties surrounding his NBA future have prevented the company from extending it to a deal of a similar signing beyond the 2022-23 season, sources have told ESPN.

Irving has a new edition of his shoe set to debut in the fall, but this is expected to be the last year in a lucrative signing streak he’s had with Nike since 2014, sources said.

So whether you love these shoes or hate them, the 9 could mark the end of an era for sneakerheads.

But it will be interesting to see what comes next and if another brand decides to pick up what Nike rejected.


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