Mercedes 190 EVO II restomod wrapped in classic Nike Sneaker inspired skin


The 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II high-performance sports saloon first appeared in 1990 with only 502 produced to date. This is how rare and desirable the street DTM racer aura was. Now, a concept car artist elevates the coolness of the 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II to unprecedented levels with a restomod that any car fanatic will instantly fall for.

An iconic wheel set in its own right, this Mercedes was ahead of its time in terms of automotive design, and that swag factor. Undoubtedly, it was the dream car for many enthusiasts and collectors who literally dried up their big bank accounts to park one in their garage at the time. Khyzyl Saleem managed to capture the nostalgic spirit of the original EVO2 while infusing a chic and refreshing aura. The Merc’s original body lines have been retained, while modernizing the overall flow. Nothing here indicates that the EVO2 has been pushed beyond its comfort level, and that’s a big brownie point that I appreciate.

Creator: Khyzyl Saleem

Khyzyl drapes the EVO2 in an on-trend palette that will give motorheads goosebumps. Boy, that silver side profile with mint green on the decals, pillars, roof and rear fender; contrasting with the matte black on the front part is a makeover that a Nike hotshot sneaker would be proud of. The wheels get the street racing treatment with fat volume and absolutely sick rims. Up front, the halogen headlights have been replaced with wicked LED headlights adding more character to this vehicle.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see this restomod come to life thanks to tuning shops. That’s if the rare 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II can be found to tinker with. Until then, enjoy the Mercedes 190 EVO II in these surreal concept renders. Maybe you could make it your wallpaper – I’m hooked on this idea right away!

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