Madden 20 Adds Nike Shoe That Makes Players Faster


EA’s football juggernaut just got another promotion in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl. But the real question is what players will think of his unexpected advantage.

A new shoe has been introduced to the game: the Nike Vapor Edge Cleat. It will be available for a handful of specific players, including Christian McCaffrey, Odell Beckham Jr., Kyler Murray, Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook, all of whom are currently under contract with the brand. They are available now, but there is a caveat that players may want to take note of.

When using these shoes, they affect a player’s performance in the game. Namely, they provide a +1 boost with speed or acceleration. You can see EA’s tweet showing them in action below.

While this may sound like good news for gamers looking for a minor upgrade, Destructoid believes this could set a “horrible precedent” in the game. It could take the form of an endorsement deal with certain brands to provide them with a specific advantage over unbranded equipment, potentially entering microtransaction territory to give a boost to players.

The Nike Vapor Edge Cleat is one of the latest Madden 20 update, which was posted this afternoon. It is more detailed on the official game page, but it does include several fashion updates, as well as the introduction of some new X-Factor players. It should ask you to download the next time you start the game.

It will be interesting to see what the community thinks about the added incentive with Nike sneakers and, more importantly, what promotion EA decides to act on next.


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