Lou Phelps x Kaytranada launch “Nike Shoe Box” visual, Mixtape Out 10/30



Image Credit: Nike Shoe Box

MC Lou phelps proudly shares the video of his new single “Nike shoe box“from his next mixtape Additional supplement! outside October 30.

Like the single itself, the video by “Nike shoe box” Also lies in a relaxed atmosphere, Lou going through the movements of the ubiquitous celebrity photoshoot. Although the camera rotates and twists around him, he still draws the focus, like a star always should.

MORE AND MORE! also features the emerging MC at home in its element. Alongside his brother and producers like LAKIM and tek.lun, Phelps takes his one step further, navigating the highs and risks of rising stardom. True to its name, the mixtape offers an introspective and in-depth look at a burgeoning figure.

Show “Nike Shoe Box” HERE

Image Credit: Cover

Lou Phelps – MORE AND MORE!

(October 30 – published independently)

  1. Must be (Prod. KAYTRANADA)
  2. PartyInLA (Prod. LAKIM & Jasper)
  3. Nike shoe box (Prod. KAYTRANADA)
  4. Fire (Prod. KAYTRANADA)
  5. Smile (Prod. KAYTRANADA)
  6. New Friends (Prod. KAYTRANADA)
  7. Dynamite (Prod.tek.lun)

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