LeBron James’ rookie Nike sneaker contract tied with late Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan


In 1984, Nike signed the very first Michael Jordan sneaker contract for an annual fee of $ 500,000. Since then, Nike has signed NBA stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. The company signed the LeBron James sneaker deal in 2003, which earned James a handsome figure of $ 12 million per year.

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LeBron James sneaker deal: James rookie deal compared to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

LeBron James’ Nike contract has surpassed the rookie contract offered to Kevin Durant. Durant’s deal was worth $ 9 million a year, while James’s was $ 12 million. In 2015, LeBron James signed a lifetime contract with Nike. According to reports, the deal will net the two-time NBA MVP $ 1 billion by the time he turns 64. The 25-year-old NBA star was 18 when he signed the deal. Now his latest shoe – Nike LeBron 17 – is priced at 16,995 in outlets around the world.

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Michael Jordan sneakers deal with Nike

According to reports, Nike’s brand subsidiary Jordan earned $ 3.14 billion in 2019. Jordan, who started with a $ 500,000 per year contract, is reportedly earning $ 130 million per year from his Nike contract. current. Jordan’s income was four times that of James, which was $ 32 million. NBA stars like LaMarcus Aldridge, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Mike Conley Jr., Blake Griffin, Maya Moore, Chris Paul, Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker and Zion Williamson represent the Jordan sneaker brand. Reports further claim that Jordan’s income from Nike is 90% of his current annual income and is $ 40 million more than the $ 90 million he earned playing in the NBA.

While NBA legend Kobe Bryant initially signed with Adidas, he signed his four-year contract with Nike in 2003. In 2006, Kobe Bryant got his first signature shoe with Nike – Zoom Kobe 1. In 2003, Bryant had signed a $ 40 million contract. deal with Nike. The brand recently released The Mamba Fury, Bryant’s new signature shoe released after the tragic death of the Lakers legend in January.

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Kobe Bryant sneaker deal: new Kobe Bryant shoes released by Nike

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