LeBron James’ New Nike Shoe Has The Internet Divided



No matter what you personally think about it, James lebron is widely regarded as the best basketball player on the planet. The former Heat player has three NBA titles under his belt and will be looking to secure a fourth with his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers in this upcoming NBA season.

It remains to be seen whether James will dominate the league like his son Bronny dominates his. Senior James certainly makes an effort to look like this role, however.

The face of Nike basketball, james and the giant American shoe company gave fans their first official look at LeBron’s 17th iteration of his iconic basketball shoe. Judging by early reviews, fans are divided on whether or not they approve of the new LeBrons.

James took to Instagram to share a photo of one of the LeBron XVII’s early colourways with the caption: “And let’s go! I can’t wait to lace up.”

James is one of Nike’s renowned athletes and had a contract with the swoosh even before playing a single minute of an NBA regular season game straight out of high school.

According to Nike designer Jason Petrie, one of the main innovations of this shoe is the unique exterior that Nike calls “Knitposite”. Petrie explains, “It’s both structural and soft in the areas it needs to be.”

Certainly, LeBron contributed a lot to the creation of this new design. Multiple aspects of the shoe are actually similar to its old signature shoe, the LeBron XVI.

Another color of the latest LeBron Nike shoe was also released today. It has been nicknamed the “Lakers” colorway for obvious reasons.

These should be interesting in the Laker uniform, that’s for sure.

Of course, Twitter being the ground for democratic debate that it is, citizens are making their voices heard. Fans have all overreacted to the official footage of the LeBron XVII.

Maybe fans will just need a little more time to digest this new look and see what they think of them. The “Future Air” colorway will be available at retail on September 27 for $ 200 while the “Lakers” colorway will be available on October 10.



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