LeBron James’ most iconic Nike shoe to be reissued for the first time



LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland to Miami resulted in not only two NBA championships, but the most iconic shoe of his career. When James announced his decision on an hour-long ESPN special to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on The Heat in 2010, it had a ripple effect on player movement that continues to this day. Speculation about his destination and criticism of his eventual choice have dominated this offseason – and when it came time for James to play basketball again, in a new uniform, Nike created the perfect shoe to match the gravity of the season. ‘occasion.

The “South Beach” color scheme for the LeBron 8, a mix of teal and pink that summoned Miami vice, was an instant success. Sneakersheads immediately loved the glowing shoe, resulting in an instant sale and resale prices that at their peak reached well over $ 1,000. The Heat has since made the color palette oversaturated by introducing it to a new jersey every year, but “South Beach” legend LeBron still lives on.

Today, a little more than 10 years after the release of the sneaker, Nike is preparing to reissue it for the very first time.


Return of the king – Nike released its first LeBron 8 “Retro”, or reissue, for last fall and has slowly offered more variations since. Leaks have now confirmed that the most coveted version of all sneakers, the one we’ve all been waiting for, is indeed making a comeback.

Images that have surfaced show the LeBron 8 “South Beach” returning in all its glory, a perfect recreation that ignited sneaker blogs almost 11 years ago. The impressive teal grained leather, the embossed lion head with pink eyes on the tongue – all the details we can remember are back to give many sneakerheads a chance to find the shoe that escaped.

The LeBron 8’s silhouette was a slight evolution from the 7, using Flywire technology for a secure yet lightweight upper on a 350-degree Air Max midsole used on James’ sneaker for only the second time. Marketing the sneaker provided a new challenge for Nike, as the hometown hero became the villain, and the “South Beach” variant said loud and clear: I’m here so you better get used to it.

When will he fall? – Nike has yet to confirm a release date, but the revered sneaker could drop as early as this month. What we can tell you is that LeBron 8 Retros has already sold for $ 200 apiece.

It will be interesting to see how crazy the resale market goes for the reissue of “South Beach” as basketball shoes have fallen out of favor compared to 11 years ago. Those who attempt to buy it, including me, may not even be concerned about wearing it and instead will focus on tying a piece that has lasted over a decade.



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