“LeBron James launches Bred colorways for latest Nike sneaker”: Nike LeBron 19 Bred debuts as Lakers superstar in preseason loss to Sacramento Kings


The Lakers ended the preseason winless, but another LeBron colorway falls and the sneaker market is dripping wet.

Season 19 of LeBron in the league, another model of shoes. It has had a few ups and downs with models, colourways in the near past, but the latter has a few elements reminiscent of the LeBron 9.

The colorway too, since the first LeBron 9 I saw on the internet was black and red – or the “Bred” 9. The Bred colorway was made popular by Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan line of shoes, and everything else. athlete or brand has never mixed black and red in any way, they always make comparisons with the Jordan brand.

Honest opinion – the colourway is bland and doesn’t hold up to the hype of the built JB breed. In fact, the colourway is as bland as the Lakers’ performance this preseason.

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The LeBron brand is pure basketball shoe, but not a lifestyle brand like the Jordan brand.

Over the years, there haven’t been too many LeBron shoes or colourways that people wore off the court. Jordan Brand, on the other hand, literally has a whole line of people waiting in queues, buying sneaker bots, and sometimes even causing riots if they can’t get the latest model, latest colourway, or the collaboration.

This coupled with the fact that LeBron fans and Jordan fans disagree, GOAT status and all. There is no competition for which the best lifestyle brand is, but LeBron is no slouch in the field.

In fact, the shoe technology is significantly better for a pure basketball shoe. Just to say it, both shoes are great basketball shoes, but it’s up to you to decide which one is best for your needs.

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