Kevin Durant kisses cupcake joke with new Nike shoe


Kevin Durant doesn’t shy away from the “cupcake” nickname given to him by former teammate Russell Westbrook.

Instead, he kisses her.

Nike announced on Tuesday the new colourway for Durant’s signature KD 10 shoe, a red and black flyknit shoe with a frosted white sole, dubbed the “KDX Red Velvet.” And in the ad photo, the shoe is surrounded by red velvet cupcakes.

“With a play style that’s as smooth as velvet, KD is known to have the smoothest game in the game today,” Nike said in a press release. Effortlessly conveying the impression that defenders are helpless, always ready to cook his next victim. He dominates the game with unmatched versatility, always driven by the sweet taste of victory. Ultimately, winning is all that It counts and everything else is just frosting on the cake.The KDX ‘Red Velvet’ celebrates the sweetest player in the game and his eternal quest for the sweet taste of victory.

Nike’s description aside, the message is pretty clear to anyone paying attention to Durant and Westbrook’s Cold War last year. After Durant announced his decision to join the Warriors in July 2016, Westbrook posted just one Instagram photo, a plate full of cupcakes, wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July.

What seemed like an innocuous holiday wish apparently had petty undertones, with the cupcakes being a blow to Durant. Kendrick Perkins used to call his teammates “cupcakes” when he perceived them to be soft, an inner joke that continued between Westbrook, Durant and Perkins while they were teammates, with them going on. regularly called cupcakes on social media.

“Cupcake” became the rallying cry for Thunder fans when Durant returned to Oklahoma City last season, with fans singing it as Durant shot free throws, cupcake shirts scattered throughout the arena and a fan. even dressing in a full cupcake costume.

The new colourway isn’t Durant’s first step in turning the cupcake story around. After the Warriors’ outright victory on Durant’s return to OKC, he and his teammates celebrated by grabbing some of the cupcake shirts and wearing them after the game. Durant was seen this offseason wearing a hat with a cupcake topped with a ring. Now he has custom cupcake shoes and the ultimate kicker: he even makes money out of them.

The new Red Velvet colorway is available Friday.

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