How To Get A Super Exclusive Nike Shoe While Helping People In Texas


After unveiling the Air Jordan 3 collaboration of A Ma Maniére, the Whitaker group revealed that they will be releasing a “Nike Waffle One” sneaker, exclusively available in the Social Status sneaker store. Ahead of launch, however, Whitaker Group said it would delay the release date of Waffle One – for a good cause. To help support families in Texas, where a winter storm left millions of people without power or water, the company announced it will extend the draw for its Waffle One, with the option for attendees to donate any amount with their entry. While the wait may be disappointing for sneakerheads, the Whitaker Group has given them even more time to participate in the shoe raffle, and better yet, an opportunity to help those in need.

However, this is not the first time that a raffle has been interrupted. Most recently, and perhaps most infamously, Trophy Room raffled its Jordan 1 “Freeze Out” and was plagued by errors, backdoor allegations and angry entrants. The disastrous event put a damper on the draw system, which has become more popular as the dips see an increase in the number of bots and resellers.

Despite the backlash, Carpet Company announced it will raffle a pair of its Nike Dunk High collaborative sneakers, with each $ 20 purchase from the Carpet Company website automatically granting buyers one entry into the raffle. But to combat the same problems encountered by Trophy Room, the skate brand will cancel any “suspicious” order.

Philanthropic shoes – The Whitaker Group has now taken the raffle system to another level, benefiting not only sneaker enthusiasts but also disadvantaged people. “I’m sure there are people who are disappointed that we are moving this launch, but that disappointment cannot match the way blacks and browns in Houston are doing without electricity, food and water – in the midst of ‘a one-year pandemic,’ said James Whitner, owner of the Whitaker Group.

“Our team in Houston is also deeply touched. It’s bigger than sneakers and fashion, it’s about showing off where you need it most. All fundraising and assistance efforts will be led by The Whitaker Project, a nonprofit arm of the Whitaker Group.

Social status

When it comes to the sneaker draw, a larger donation does not translate into more entries – that would defeat the purpose of the raffle. Still, we’re sure many submit multiple entries for the coveted shoe. Conceptualized by acclaimed shoe designer Frank Cooke, the Whitaker Waffle One offers a mix of modern materials and distressed details.

An ultra-fine mesh upper reveals the shoe’s supportive structures, while suede mudguards, eyelets and heels add a touch of luxury. A rusty orange pervades the laces and upper, while the black Swooshes are crackled leather. Designed to look worn, the shoe also features a yellowed midsole.

Social status

Worth the wait – The exclusive Whitaker Group Nike Waffle One, originally scheduled for February 26, will now be released on March 4 via Social status and APB Only 500 pairs of individual numbers will be released, each priced at $ 120.

Thousands of hypebeasts are gearing up for the limited drop, but you can increase your odds by entering the Whitaker Group raffle on the Social status and APB websites. While you’re at it, consider donating to help families in Texas – you could earn some warmth while giving back to those in need.


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