Here’s why people burn and ban Nike products



NEW YORK: While Nike is a popular brand around the world, Americans in general have taken a different turn by starting to burn down and ban Nike products.

Nike has just unveiled a new “Just do it” campaign and apparently it stars American football player Colin Kaepernick.

His only downside is that he knelt down during the US national anthem to protest police brutality against black Americans.

Obviously, many people supported the cause as Nike sales skyrocketed after the campaign launched, but some were not entirely happy with the new publicity.

Why? well, it was deemed disrespectful to draw attention to a political cause while the US national anthem was playing.

US President Donald Trump made matters worse by tweeting against the player and calling his “act” offensive to America.

And now a whole American city has decided not to support sports society.

The mayor of Kenner, LA, has asked residents not to buy anything that features the Nike logo.

Kenner residents shared on Twitter what appears to be an official memo from the town which reads:

Effective immediately, all purchases made by a recall club operating at a Kenner recreation facility to wear clothing, footwear, athletic equipment and / or any athletic product must be approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation, or his representative. Under no circumstances will a Nike product or product bearing the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery to a Kenner Town Recreation Center.



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