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Source: Jordan Brand / NIke

Just when it seemed like Fed Ex was the devil when it came to ‘shipping and handling’ Nike sneakers to wait for customers to leave them empty-handed, it seems like they were faced with a competition. other delivery service and it is not UPS.

Hypebeast reports that a former DHL employee was just arrested for housing (90s ebonics for theft) of approximately $ 60,000 in Nike products during her stint at the delivery company. Chamon Davis was arrested and charged earlier this week for the burglary she continuously carried out while working at DHL’s Fox Meadows warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. The facility isn’t too far from Nike’s main distribution center, Nike’s North American logistics campus, so you all know she spent a day in the field.

How exactly could she steal so many Nike items? In fact, quite cleverly.

“Davis was able to execute the heist by printing duplicate tracking numbers and shipping the items to alternate addresses. Nike has so far only recovered $ 10,000 in stolen merchandise and does not know how long Davis has been stealing the company. It is also not known what products she stole.

Apparently it was Nike investigators (do they have any ?!) who grabbed Davis and returned her to authorities. After being arrested and charged, Davis confessed to her crimes and was released from jail and is awaiting her day in court which is set for next month.

Since the start of the pandemic, many sneakerheads have started using social media to complain about canceled orders, missing packages, and even receiving empty boxes as reselling sneakers has become the fastest way to earn. money nowadays. It didn’t help that Nike started using the “Steal Me” tape that had “Nike” written on them to seal their boxes. While it was mainly Fed Ex services that were blamed for the missing packages, this is the first time we’ve heard that DHL has been on the jux.

Truth be told, we didn’t even know Nike used them like this, but you learn something new every day.



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