Eric Koston designs a new Nike shoe


One of the latest and hottest sneakers from the big swoosh brand – Nike – was designed by notorious skateboarder Eric Koston.

On June 17, Nike released a brand new pair of sneakers alongside the ever illustrious Jordan brand. These sneakers are called the Air Jordan 1 Low “Midnight Navy”, but you might be surprised who actually designed this sneaker. At least you should be surprised if you yourself are a skateboard enthusiast or a skateboarder; amateur or professional, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t Virgil Abloh or even Mache, but professional skateboarder Eric Koston.

If you’ve heard of Eric Koston, you might be freaking out over your keyboard now. If you’ve never heard of the man in your life, the guy was featured in Skate 2, Skate 3 and the Tony Hawk skate video game series, because if one thing’s for sure, if you’ve never been into skateboarding, you and a whole generation of kids have definitely played that Tony Hawk skate series because it’s so good.

Anyway, Koston took a break from co-owning his own skate park and clothing store to design shoes for Nike and honestly, they’re pretty hot. They’re also relatively affordable at $110, so if you want to rock a pair of skateboard-friendly sneakers or just think these bad boys look really good, head to your nearest shoe rack and buy get yourself a pair if you have play money you can afford. donate shoes without knowing that you will have to starve in a week.

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