Did Drake just release a new NOCTA x Nike Sneaker?


If you’re still licking your wounds on the Ls you took in the NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Terra drop a few weeks ago, don’t worry; if Drake’s latest on-court look is anything to go by, there might be a new Zoom Flight 95-inspired sneaker on the way.

When it comes to product marketing, Sonic and Shadow of Hip-Hop – it’s up to you which is which – Drake and Kanye know how to choose their staging grounds.

For Ye, nothing is forbidden. the DONDA listening parties? A double-edged sword of album promo and YEEZY GAP commercials. Family dramas? Part of the deployment. For the Canadians (and those in October), things are much simpler: Instagram films and field selections; no, it’s not an upcoming album.

The Champagne Papi IG page has served as a hub for getting eyes on new NOCTA x Nike drops for the past two years. “The in-form photos fueled eyes on new Hot Step Terra colorways, the long-awaited CLB Air Force 1, and plenty of yet-unreleased apparel.

It’s no secret that Drake loves posting in the field with Adonis or his team, even if it ends up obliterating him. As much as his love of the game, the entertainer seems to enjoy taking to the field to debut new purchases, like his insanely expensive Frank Ocean Homer chain or that supposedly new NOCTA silhouette.

Originally released in 1995, the Zoom Flight 95 was a generation-defining silhouette, instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic bug-eyed sole. Thanks to its huge popularity, the sneaker made several comebacks in 2007, 2015 and 2022.

At first glance, Drake’s new sneaker pulls key elements from the Zoom Flight 95, such as midsole pods, carbon fiber patterns and a mixed-fabric upper.

Honestly, whether or not they end up being a NOCTA drop, they’re fire – maybe even better than the ZF95. If basketball is the next sport Drake is targeting NOCTA at, it wouldn’t be a surprise, especially since they’ve already tackled golf.

Only time (and Drizzy) will tell – so keep an eye out for updates as they come.

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