DEAL CHINA 400ml Nike LeBron 18 Chinese New Year


In terms of releases, January was lacking both in quantity and quality. Along with strong Dunk Lows and Highs, Nike went all out for the Year of the Ox, dressing many of their icons in themes worthy of a Chinese New Year celebration. And while it all seems to come from the brand, February will offer a lot more, including a special capsule with DEAL China, 400ml, and the LeBron 18.

Although the LeBron 18 itself is an online version, it is a great fit for DEAL China business. In just their colourway, the pair speak on the same CNY themes, manifesting fortune and wealth through their only auspicious red coloring. Beside it, the upper part contains many culturally informed details, such as the water droplets which accentuate the frame and the fish scales which bring blessings in the future. In addition, “Gong Xi Fa Cai” is written in bold on the insole, wishing those around him prosperity.

For the release of the shoe, DEAL has created a special box set limited to 100 copies. And that’s not all, many accessories have also been designed to accompany it. This includes an engraved scroll of Chinese characters, a festive bandana with traditional patterns, a cast gold necklace, and even a small leather briefcase. 400 ml, the accompaniments of which will unfortunately not be put on public sale, then complete the pack with both a graphic t-shirt and a hoodie.

If you want to get your hands on the set, you’ll need to head to Beijing DEAL, Chengdu DEAL, or Tianjin COLOR.

DEAL x 400ml x Nike LeBron 18
Release date: coming in 2021


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