Customs auction season begins – everything from Nike products to Chrysler cars for sale



The auction season begins tomorrow in the warehouses of Serbian customs, where goods seized at border crossings and roads in our country will be put up for sale – the Tanjug news agency reported.

The customs administration is currently working on the creation of an application through which interested buyers will be able to purchase seized goods and it is expected that the application will be completed in the second half of this year.

Luxury cars, engines, boats, as well as thousands of different items such as televisions, cigarettes and clothes will be offered for sale in special warehouses all over Serbia.

The Belgrade customs warehouse in Bezanijska Kosa will put up for sale hundreds of cars, including a luxury Chrysler seized by Interpol.

Some of these cars and motorcycles have been waiting for years to find a buyer. If they are not sold now, the next auction at the Bezanijska Kosa warehouse will take place on April 5.

“When we seize the goods, the person who owned them receives a certificate of the seized items and the goods are dropped off at the collection center of the Belgrade customs office in Bežanijska Kosa in the warehouse where they are under 24-hour surveillance. and 7 days a week “, explains customs officer Bozidar Djuric.

Sometimes legal proceedings involving seized goods can last for years, so the goods can wait for a new owner for the same amount of time.

It is the court that decides what will happen to the goods, that is, whether they can be put up for sale. All proceeds from auctions are transferred to the Treasury.

If, for example, clothes, shoes or copies of well-known brands do not find a new owner, they are destroyed.

“Last year, the Belgrade customs office organized seven public auctions of customs goods and four auctions of seized vehicles and goods,” Djuric recalled.

He also says that the process of creating a request for sold online of these goods is in progress, and the purpose of this application is to allow interested bidders to bid from home.

Over the past three years, the customs administration has contributed more than 2.5 million euros to the state budget through public auctions.

(Vecernje Novosti, 12.03.2019)

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