Best-selling Nike sneakers in Jordan 11 Bred history



2020 has undoubtedly started on a dark note, with sad news that only makes the year even more bitter. COVID-19, which has effectively ignited the world in mass hysteria, is now wreaking havoc on life as we know it, with businesses – from small to large scale – suffering losses as the public is pushed into quarantine . Nike, whose third quarter is expected to end on February 29, is reporting relatively positive news as its revenue grows 5%. But all is not well as the coronavirus has negatively affected their earnings per share, with likely more financial damage to come as stores continue to close worldwide. However, the many parts of the umbrella are seeing a slight increase in sales across the board, with Converse earning $ 506 million in revenue for an 11% growth while the major divisions claim 6% for their $ 9.6 billion. The latter, which owes its success to many collaborators and sub-labels, is probably most indebted to the Jumpman whose Air Jordan 11 “Bred” was the biggest Nike launch in history. And as they continue into the next quarter, the entire footprint may have to catch up, as net profit fell 23%.



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