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I went to a major league baseball game the other night, and when the national anthem started, I stood proudly with my hand over my heart. This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I think of my grandfathers, my grandmother, my father, my father-in-law and my brothers-in-law, all veterans, and how hard they fought for me. And for you.

I think about how much I love this country and how proud I still am to be an American (despite the pile of shit we seem to be wading through). When I hear this song, I feel grateful that a few hundred years ago, a group of determined and passionate people won the freedom of this country from tyrannical rule. And later they sat down and wrote a list of new rules, for this young nation – a democracy.

One of them was freedom of expression. And the right to protest.

When I listened to the Star Spangled Banner that night and saw our flag flying on the field, I felt proud to know that although our country is broken in so many ways, my countrymen Americans are allowed to take a kneeling position, hoping to improve it.

And that’s why I support the efforts of Colin Kaepernick. And why are so many veterans doing the same – veterans who fought so that we wouldn’t have to defend the flag out of fear, as citizens of other nations are. Or banned from peaceful protest, because those who live in dictatorships and fear tyrants are silenced.

And that’s also why I’m about to splash the cash on some new Nike sneakers. And probably new leggings. Maybe a headband. Hell, throw on a new sports bra.

Because we are in a season of choosing sides, my friends. Our nation is more divided than ever, so much so that big business is taking a stand. We know where Target stands on issues within the LGBTQ community. And we know Starbucks’ position on racial discrimination. And now, thanks to a hugely viral tweet (followed by a public statement), we know where Nike stands on #BLM and the debate about kneeling when the American flag flies overhead.

Nike has partnered with Mr. Colin Kaepernick himself, who started this form of peaceful protest a few years ago when the national anthem played at NFL games. With the words “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” written on the former NFL player’s face, this ad tells the world which side Nike is on.

And we are here for that.

So if you want to use your own wallet to support this cause, you’re in luck because Nike has some really awesome shit. Here are some highly recommended favorites from loyal Nike consumers, from runners to yoga instructors to active moms who just want to be comfortable.

1. Running shorts

Okay, we all know Nike is known for their athletic shoes, but probably the next hottest item for Nike fans is their huge selection of running shorts. Whether you’re training for a marathon or watching Upper fixatorNike shorts are comfortable with a capital C. Here are a favorite Nike 10k running shorts.

2. Nike Therma Sphere Element

Many of us enjoy a drop that greets us with brisk 45 degree mornings, only to climb to a balmy 70 degrees in the afternoon, then drop back down to 30 degrees overnight. So this Nike Therma Sphere Element Hoodie is amazing because it’s warm, but also cool because the fall temperatures are a rollercoaster ride everywhere.

3. Nike Tech Tote

Obviously, we love our tote bags. This blue (or black) Nike Tech Tote will carry all your stuff to the 800 places you go every day. You understand.

4. Headbands

SAHM life for me = messy bun, comfy clothes and headbands. I have two styles of headbands on this list because, TBH, headbands bring me joy. This Nike Seamless Wide Headband will cover most of your head and keep all of your mama’s wild hair out of your face while you work out (or argue with your little one at the pediatrician.)

And these skinny Nike headbands are super cute and skinny. In both cases. Headbands by Nike. Love.

5. Pre Love OX Sneaker Line

So obviously you can get the best of the best running shoes, training shoes, etc. from Nike. We know you’re loyal to your Stealth Pegasus. But have you seen their Pre Love OX Sneaker line which is iridescent?! I need it in my life. This shoe + joggers + warm hoodie = autumn joy.

6. Belt

This is my favorite post, because fanny packs are back, y’all. I know this Nike Angled Waistpack is made for running, but seriously, I could have totally used it at Disney World last winter. Need a snack? Here is! Hydroalcoholic gel? Have it here! Who doesn’t want it?

7. Nike Indy Cooling Bra

A good sports bra is essential to my happiness. There’s nothing worse than a baggy bra, a bra that’s too tight, a bra that squishes ladies uncomfortably, or doesn’t adequately support ladies. And this Nike Indy Cooling Bra is cooling, so it helps Mom expel some heat and bring her body temperature down a notch. I would like 50, please.

8. Nike Sportswear Leg-A-See Leggings

Obviously, there are leggings on this list. Because leggings are life. These Nike Sportswear Leg-A-See Leggings are bold if you want to make a statement of support.

9. Joggers

And really, the ONLY thing more comfortable than a good pair of leggings is…these Nike Sportswear Gym Vintage Pants. Nothing gets me more excited for fall than warm and cozy joggers. (And soup. And PSL. And boots… But mostly joggers.)

10. Nike “Equality” Tee

Finally, if you want to dive into social justice issues, check out this Nike “Equality” t-shirt. You can declare your support for Nike and equal rights for all with this purchase. I call that a victory.

So on to the shopping! I know a few items on my Christmas list! And thank you, Nike, for choosing the side that supports peaceful protest and truly wants to make America better.

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